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A really weird dream

I had the most peculiar dream last night, which involved a few people.

What happened last night was that before I went to bed, myself and bec's was on here posting the blogthing quizes, we also on the other forum we belong to as well , the New kids on the block, and we started going through all the threads about Donnie, well, it was so funny, everyone who has ever met Donnie on a meet and greet VIP pre party show, has always said that he is a sort of full on guy, loves kissing you and hugging you, well the story goes that, if they are coming back over here, I have promised myself and Bec that we will buy the VIP tickets and get to meet all the guys, and me being me would probably faint if Donnie came up doing that to me, as I just love the guy along with Nic of coursebiggrinbiggrin and they always say the last thing you did or was on your mind before you went to bed is sometimes what you dream.

So my dream happened to be about Donnie and this VIP meet and greet, i remember going up to him asking him for an autograph and I could see Bec in the distance with a couple of other girls, and he said to me sure and gave me a hug as well it was though we was clinging to each other, the next thing i knew he was kissing my neck, and I could feel his breath and lips, and I'm thinking oh my god, and while he was doing that, I done a thumbs up to the other girls with Bec behind his back, all i can remember was going back to them saying his breath and lips were so hot on my neck, it was though even though i was asleep I could feel them, perhaps someone was breathing down my neck in my room...LMAO
Next thing I knew, while I was chatting to the girls, in walks Nic, and i thought...hmmmm I wonder if i can get an autograph and a kiss off him, so I goes up to Nic and I politely ask for an autograph, while he was signing it, I'm thinking I wonder if he will give me a hug and a kiss just like Donnie did, no such luck, walking away disapointed, somehow we all managed to be in a lift together, god knows where we was going and that was that part of the dream ended.
Then for some reason the dream got muddled and I walking down the street with Nic, for the life of me can't remember what we was doing or where we was going, for some reason it got very muddled along the way, as I can remember seeing an advert on tv with 2 guys dressed in blue overalls working on a car, and all I can remember saying in my dream, they are taking off Nic, with the film gone in 60seconds, and one of the guys was eating jelly beans, weird or what...LMAO

What the hell was happening to my dreams last night, I honestly don't know, maybe it was because I was on the pc with bec till midnight, and we was just having a laugh about donnie and  Nic and i was telling Bec about the time that Lesley met Nic, so I think it was just a whole combination of our conversations and reading the blogs and things that got my poor mind in a right old muddle last night, ah well at least my dream contained two of my favourite guyssmile, what more could a girl wish forbiggrinbiggrinbiggrinwink


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