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Post Info TOPIC: About Capricorns, being in love

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RE: About Capricorns, being in love

Yeah I consider myself more Aquarian although the cusp thing may be right as my top half is Capricorn and my lower half is Aquarius! LMAO!!!

I'll explain in private!biggrinwink



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So you are more onto the Aquarian side, funny isn't it, being born on the cusp but being more on one side than half and half, that's what I love about the unknown and reading up on things like that,  I love how the astrologers come up with everything, on how we see ourselves on traits on certain starsigns,aww


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Leather fetish forum founder - In a world of her own...planet CAGE!

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I have no Capricorn traits whatsoever and although I am on the cusp I consider myself an Aquarian!biggrinwink



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You're welcome Lesley, Oh yes I forgot you was on the cusp, so yes half and half, and as you have done the same as me, dated men being capricorn, so you know them too, would you class yourself as more capricorn or more aquarius, or both?? I love reading up on the traits of starsigns, as I would class myself a true scorpio, just depends on yourself whether you feel more like a capricorn then aquariusaww


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Leather fetish forum founder - In a world of her own...planet CAGE!

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Interesting read...thanx for posting it

Well I'm half Capricorn half Aquarius, I've dated Capricorn men and I get along well with Capricorn men so this is interesting to me!biggrinwink



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I had this come into my inbox yesterday, I subscribed quite a while ago for my stars, but this one just happen to come through which was really weird as I'm not a capricorn, but a scorpio...aww

But it gave me some interesting reading, about capricorns, Nic of course being one, and I have in my time dated and lived with one for a few years, so I'm sort of an expert on the ins and outs of a capricorn lifebiggrinbiggrin

but here is the astrology if you are interested in reading about a capricorn, and believe me, it's interesting on some partsbiggrinbiggrin

Dear Kim,

I don't know if you've noticed, but
Capricorns are not considered very romantic.

In fact, they get pretty a bad rap in

It's probably because second only to
Scorpio, this sign is the most full of
contradictions, so can be very confusing...

When you read up on the 10th sign of
the zodiac, you notice it's a feminine sign,
so tends to be receptive, sensitive, and

But it's also a cardinal, or "movable" sign,
known for giving incredible ambition, and a
willingness to put one's feelings "on the
shelf" and make huge sacrifices to "do one's

Oh yeah - then there's their love of being
in charge, despite that they're supposedly
more comfortable "behind the scenes" and
make excellent servants.


It's ruled by Saturn, the planet of
slow and steady progress, and conservatism.

But - again, it's movable, so tends to
be extremely creative and innovative, and
lead a person to make lots of changes all
the time.


It's the only sign whose symbol is
completely mythic - being a goat in Western
astrology, but a strange half crocodile,
half goat creature with the face of a deer
in Vedic astrology.

I'll say it again, HUH?

Capricorns, being ruled by Saturn, are
supposed to be humble and concerned about
the suffering of others, but are just as
known for their coldness, selfishness, and
love of fame.

In fact, flip through any Sun sign book,
and this sign is the most accused of shallow
social climbing, marrying for money, and
using others for their own personal gain.

I once even heard in an astrology class
that most of the top Nazi officials were


So, what gives?

Should you avoid people of this sign
at all costs?

If you are a Capricorn, should you
alter your birth records and pretend to
be a Sagittarius?


I'm here to testify, there are many
WONDERFUL qualities about this sign...

So, let's unravel the mystery of this
powerful, important sign, shall we?

Every person I've ever spoken to that
had either the Sun, Moon, or rising sign
in the sign of Capricorn has had some key
things in common...
Capricorns are PERFECTIONISTS, thus
need to be DOING WELL to be truly happy.

They tend to have extremely high
standards in everything - even relationships.

They're always falling short of their
own expectations...

They can't help but compare themselves
to the best person in the room, the best
person in their field...

HECK - the best person in the WORLD.

So, if you love a Capricorn, do yourself
a HUGE favor:

NEVER criticize him.

NEVER bring him your disappointment.

NEVER, ever, ever compare him to
someone else in a negative way. (But he'll
LOVE it if you compare him to others in
a positive way!)

And if he ever becomes unreasonably
defensive, or seems foolishly competitive,
this is why...

You see, he's already doing such a good
job of criticizing HIMSELF, being disappointed
in HIMSELF, and comparing himself UNFAVORABLY
to others ALL DAY LONG, that he won't be able
to handle one more critical, disappointed voice
in his midst.

It will absolutely crush him, actually.

Though he may not show it, and may just
withdraw into "working more..."

Now, if you ARE a Capricorn, you can't
get rid of these negative internal voices.

They're trying to do something good for
you - which is help you be the best you can
be - they're just going about it in a soul-
crushing, debilitating way...

The only way to work with this is to
cultivate ANOTHER set of voices to counter
the negative Greek chorus, by forcing
yourself to ACKNOWLEDGE all the things you
do well and right!

Make this a new habit (oh goody - another
thing for your long "to-do list!").

Keep a "success diary" in which you
write down at least three "why I'm so great"
things a day...

And include in them things that aren't
just "accomplishments" or "achievements..."

"Successes" include having a nice talk
with a friend, taking a walk, taking a
bath... things that lead to good "self care."

You see, Capricorn is so concerned with
THE JOB DONE, that people born under this
sign can FORGET the importance of rest and

"Fun" can seem like a complete waste of
time - like nothing more than an "f-word."

Now, it can be hard to tell Capricorns
are this uptight.

You see, perfectionists work very hard
at covering over their own imperfections -
hiding them even from themselves.

But, this intense pressure is happening
on THE INSIDE, so you may not realize it...

In fact, Capricorns can be tons of fun.

Downright giddy, even.

You'd often NEVER KNOW that they're so
intensely hard on themselves, and feeling

But they are... TRUST me, they are...

Even as children.

In fact, especially as children.

Capricorn, because of being ruled by
Saturn, is a sign that ages in reverse...

They're born very serious and responsible.

And get more and more easy-going and carefree
with time.

By the mid-to-late thirties, they can be
downright happy-go-lucky.

When I tell an older Capricorn how serious
they are - they'll say, "Oh yeah - I USED to
be like that. Now I don't so much worry about

Which is so good to hear, because this is
one of the signs most plagued by WORRY.

Which is why they're so known for wanting
security, and willing to work so hard for it...

This makes them extremely goal-oriented,
and patient in going for their goals.

Which serves them well - because they tend
to have SLOW, steady progress, as I said.

Think of the tortoise from that children's
story of "The Tortoise and the Hare."

"The slow and steady pace, wins the race"
is the ultimate Capricorn motto.

For this reason, the second half of their
life is usually the best, and commonly when
they're happiest settling down - and enjoy their
greatest success in every area.

(Which is where the whole "goat" symbolism
comes in - they carefully, sure-footedly
climb the craggy cliffs of life, reaching
high heights ultimately... Whew...)

So, even in relationships, they tend to
go slow.

They fall in love over time.

They work hard at being good partners, and
pride themselves on being totally there for
those they love.

In return, all they want is a partner who
(surprise, surprise) helps them to be their best,
and who will also improve their circumstances.

Unless afflicted, they'll always do what
they say, and honor their commitments.

(I explain how to know if a man's "astrologically
afflicted" in my ebook, "Love Is in the Stars -
The Wise Woman's Astrological Guide To Men" which
can make a man of any sign very challenging to
be with... you can save yourself tons of drama
by knowing this!

So - when he says he'll call at eight,
he'll call at eight.

When he says he'll pick you up for dinner,
you'd better be hungry.

He'll plan everything in advance, and be
"steady Eddie" and "Johnny on the spot"
about everything.

But keep in mind, he'll always feel pressured
for time, and overwhelmed with things to do.

So - this is why Capricorns are not known
for being romantic.

Being an earth sign, they're enormously

And, because they feel so much internal
pressure to succeed and achieve, and not
make mistakes or waste time - they will
want to make the most of everything they

So, they're not typically spontaneous,
whimsical, or indulgent.

You won't likely come home to find
flower pedals strewn on the bed, or be
whisked away for a last-minute vacation.

But if you commit to a Capricorn, you'll
be able to rest in the comfort of truly
romantic gifts...

A down-to-earth partner you can count on,
who will be constantly bettering himself and
his situation, who will say what he means
and mean what he says.

In short, you'll enjoy a stable, secure
love built on a solid foundation you can trust.


Now, you may not know there are actually
three signs within the sign of Capricorn
called "constellations" or "asterisms" that
are unique and distinct from one another.

Each has specific needs and gifts that
are more personal than what I've described

Which is why one Capricorn man will be
a better "catch" for you than another...

When you understand a man's personality
from this deeply psychological perspective,
you can know just how to relate to him, and
how you'll really get along.

Now doesn't that give us some interesting read,biggrinbiggrin, some indepth into the lifes and loves of a capricorn, I wonder if Nicky is a true capricorn??biggrin I know for sure that I'm a true scorpio, and I have spoken to someone recently who is exactly the same as me, so I'm not alone in having the heightened senses of being a scorpio thats into the weird and unknownbiggrinbiggrin, and being that this person is a guy, gives me the thought that when astrology says there is a feminine and masculine side to each star signs, that theory to me is a bit untrue,hmm

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