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Post Info TOPIC: It's written in the stars

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RE: It's written in the stars

Sounds like it doesn't it!hmm



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Yeah, hope it isn't that guy I'm telling you about, he is getting me more and more suspicioushmm


"To Thine Own Self Be True"

Leather fetish forum founder - In a world of her own...planet CAGE!

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I wonder!biggrinwink



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Will do,aww I'm just waiting on the 3rd thing, I wonder what that will bebiggrinbiggrin


"To Thine Own Self Be True"

Leather fetish forum founder - In a world of her own...planet CAGE!

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Well keep us informed hun!biggrinwink



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That's the funny thing isn't it, pasts coming back to haunt you, it's just so weird, those things were happening this week, and the fact that I have been getting some weird dreams and headaches and not getting much sleep either, I think something is brewing pretty


"To Thine Own Self Be True"

Leather fetish forum founder - In a world of her own...planet CAGE!

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Sounds interesting hun!biggrinwink

Thanx for posting!biggrinwink



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Also going back a few days ago, I had an email with my weekly stars, this is what was written

Hello KIM

Your weekly horoscope brought to you by


Week of Monday, 17 November 2008 to Sunday, 23 November 2008

Dont get stuck in the past, Scorpio. What happened yesterday can never be brought into today. Even if a past situation looks like coming back into your life, be warned, it will never be the same. Keep our mind on your job and on the money, opportunities are available now but you need to act fast. Lucky Numbers: 20 16 26 11 40 6.

Yours Spiritually,
Universal Psychic Guild

Now the funny thing was, yesterday I had to sign up for something and you know those letters that are really funny and you have to try to read them to copy them, well the last 3 letters were actually a number plate registration on a car that becky my youngest, her dad bought me coz we used to laugh at it and say that RMJ , R was his initial, M was his other daughter and J was his wife's name,
And to put another spooky thing tonight, I was on a site that i belong to for email buddies etc, and i was just about to log off, and there was this boy about 20 with the name of KWPreece, well KW is my initials and Preece is Becky's last name of her birth certificate, and the weirdest thing is this boy lives in the same area that her relatives come from, so I have emailed him to ask him if his relatives are the same as the ones we know. This is getting real spooky as I seem to be picking up all sorts lately.

They say things happen in 3's , so I'm waiting, I guess my stars are true about the past coming back to haunt me, but I didn't think it would be this quickhmm


"To Thine Own Self Be True"


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Not so long back I found a website to do with starsigns, her name is Carol Allen, I tried finding her site where you get the free info in an email regarding your starsign but for the life of me can't find it.
Here is one she sent me, if I can somehow find the site I will try to post all the starsigns
But this woman seems to know alot about starsigns and compatiblity, I think she is based in New York, I'm a great believer in starsigns and compatiblity and all things spiritualsmile
This one is nearly 100% true on me, maybe a couple of bits here and there is not quite meblankstare


Dear Kim,

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Scorpio is
the most confounding, confusing, and therefore

This is for many reasons...

It's the natural "eighth" sign of the zodiac,
and, as such, it's concerned with light topics
having to do with birth, death, transformation,
transmutation, the occult, mysticism, psychic
phenomena, and... SEX.

So, what does that mean in the lives and loves
of Scorpios?

It means they are DEEP, soulful, extremely
mysterious, and wildly passionate.

The other reason it's such a misunderstood,
enigmatic sign is that, of all the twelve signs
of the zodiac, it has the most inherent conflicts...

Such as:

Being a WATER sign - they can be enormously
sensitive and moody.

But being ruled by MARS - they can be impatient
and harsh.

But being FEMININE, they can be emotional

And being FIXED, they can be incredibly

In fact, if one has set his sights on you,
good luck getting rid of him...

So, from day to day - make that MOMENT TO
MOMENT - you can get confused as to who your
Scorpio lover really is at their core.

And speaking of their core, watch out - it
can seem like a seething, roiling, HOT center of

That's right - no one can keep emotional
score or nurse a resentment quite as well as a
Scorpio, and no one has such intensely lustful

(I once heard of a Scorpio whose woman cheated
on him with another man. He seemed to take it in
stride and let it go, but he spent the next five
years mastering a martial art, just so he could go
kick the guy's you-know-what... and that of his
friends, as well...

And he did just that.

Did I mention it was FIVE YEARS LATER? Scary...)

But let's get back to the passion and lust stuff,
which Scorpios are famous for.

It's that eighth house thing again - being the
house of SEX and the SEX organs, chemistry and deep
connection "between the sheets" are BIG goals of
this fiesty sign.

In fact, they don't just want to connect
through sex.

They want to MERGE.

And not just physically - being the most
psychic sign, they want to "mind meld" as well.

But their physical passion will definitely
be the priority much of the time.

And things could get a little, shall we say,

So, show up with an open mind, a French Maid
outfit, fake blood, and some extra AAA batteries,
and everything should be just fine.

Okay, I'm joking about the fake blood part.
Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

They prefer real blood.


(Though it is one of the natural signs of the
medical and mental health fields...)

But seriously, to give you an idea of what
I'm talking about - keep in mind that the sign
of Scorpio has three animal symbols:


(You know - that mythical bird in those
Harry Potter movies that bursts into flames and
then "rises from the ashes..." Cool skill...
It's symbolic of spiritual rebirth and transform-
ation, so is a symbol of spiritual power...)

Scorpios are like that - the more immature,
'afflicted" ones are slithering on the ground,
likely to sting you or STRIKE you at any moment,
causing great pain...

While the more healthy, mature ones display
incredible healing abilities, empathy, magical
powers, and live to spiritually uplift others.


Now, even the stinging Scorion types are soft
on the inside.

But they can be VERY prickly on the outside,
so whatever you do - do NOT fight with a Scorpio.

The Mars energy of this sign can make them
LOVE to debate.

But they HAVE to win (and won't be able to
get over it, or forget, if they lose...) so
either way you LOSE.

If you win, you lose. And if you lose, you

And remember - to a Scorpio, REVENGE is a
dish served cold...

So if one is picking a fight with you, then
recognize what's REALLY going on...

He's CRYING out for attention and appreciation.
He's just going about it in a very unattractive

So, soothe his sensitive feelings, and boost
his proud ego.

The easiest way is through touch - when he's
whining or bickering, give him a foot rub, play
with his hair (or, his favorite - suck on his
fingers) and watch him melt like butter...

Now, if you're an argumentative Scorpio female,
I have bad news for you...

You'll send men running for the nearest exits.

They'll be drawn to your sensuality, your
depth, your generosity, and emotional wisdom,
but they'll be TERRIFIED of the intensity of
your feelings...

Find another outlet for them besides him.
Scorpios MUST be active, or they start bouncing
off the walls, and suffer from insomnia - and
disturbing dreams.

So join a gym, lose yourself in art and music,
have a close set of girlfriends to call when
you're feeling that "molten magma" coming up to
the surface...

If you can get along with a Scorpio, you'll
have a loyal, ardent lover who will make you
the center of his universe, and only require
that you make him the center of yours.

You'll have lots of philosophical, dynamic

Hmbitious and determined, so will have much
to share - one day, if not now.

Life will never be dull, and he'll always
keep you guessing, and wondering... and pleased
(wink, wink...).

What more could a girl want?

Now, many people don't realize that there
are actually THREE kinds of Scorpios, as there
are three constellations within the sign of

And they are VERY different from one another
in relationships.


"To Thine Own Self Be True"

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