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RE: PART 3 !!! ...atlast

part 3 continued.. 3rd bit..the dancing...!

It sounded like an accordion and guitar, and although I could not see any musicians, I knew it was live. I know nothing at all about accordion music, but this was evocative of a french pavement cafe; romantic, sentimental, perhaps melancholy. The sound of the gypsy style guitar made me feel like I was outdoors, it really carried me away to another place, maybe another time.
People slowly started to pair up and begin dancing over the polished floor, and as they did, so the geometric shapes on the walls started to move into the room, as if they were drawn in by the music like a magnet, until they clicked into place on the floor. Suddenly, a whole spectacular 3 dimensional cosmos appeared in the hall, formed by the shapes, the markings on the floor and a bizarre mirroring effect of the highly polished black surface under our feet. I felt giddy, trippy and disorientated, as if I was not standing on anything solid, freefalling through space, and started to feel myself levitate a little. Instinctively, I grabbed Nic's arm, and he swiftly, gently but firmly put his arm around my waist and with his free hand held mine. I instantly felt my feet touch the ground again. He held me steady for a few seconds before smiling and saying really softly, "are you ok to dance?"
I was feeling more than a little panicky about my legs at that point, but felt immediately reassured as Nic continued to hold me firmly around my waist with his other hand holding mine, like a magnet holding me to the ground, supporting me so my legs had a chance to recover.
I breathed out relief as we began to dance, just gently rocking to and fro, it was as much as we could do to keep our balance as the hall kept changing shapes.
I soon began to feel my body again, and relax into it. Nic must have sensed it because he moved his hand so it was in the centre of my back and we both relaxed the grip of our other hands. I became so aware of his smell again, it really was like a sandy beach next to the ocean, it wasn't an aftershave or scent, it was the essence of his skin. My face was very close to his bare chest, which seemed to glow with a warm gold, but I kept my focus on the drawn on bow tie, which had started to melt a little under the lights.
He made a joke about mascara always running.
My hair was pulling a little under his hand on my back, so I moved it out of the way and over one shoulder. Up until that point, everything had been completely..simple.
It all changed.
I involuntarily gasped when Nic's hand returned to my exposed back, the contact of his skin on mine was... Unbelievable. The touch of his hand sent a tidal wave of golden energy surging right through me, in my minds eye I could seed a spinning vortex spiralling into infinity, I felt myself losing my balance, aware of our skin, the flimsy material of my dress, under which I wore nothing, and the transience of clothing, the naturalness of nakedness, Nic's suit jacket barely covering any of his chest, the skin of his neck so open, his fingers on my back ..
I actually shivered and almost fell. I totally.. lost it. It was impossible for me to hide in my body what I was feeling and pointless to pretend it hadn't happened.
I tried to look over Nic's shoulder, carry on and regain some composure. But Nic gave me such a deep look, which I was suprised to see, which said, it's ok, I'm vulnerable too, In human just like you, you don't have to be anything you are not..and there was at once a glint in his eye, perhaps he had felt it too, as well as a profound dark sadness.
Although it was slightly reassured, I felt I had injured him in some way and wanted to heal it, quickly. So, unpremeditated, I instinctively gave him a light hug, as a gentle human apology from me and for everything he had ever been through.. His hug in return was equally light, as if to say, no need, it's ok, don't be sorry; but I always felt a fleeting darkness run across his soul.
We continued to dance, just gently rocking from one side to the other, it began to feel hypnotic, as if we were actually doing T'ai Chi, weight shifting from one leg to the other, and the cosmic patterns flowing all around us moved the energy through us more powerfully.
The moment of sexual energy had passed. It was fine again. Or so I thought..

The music changed pace and became a little wilder, more fluid and freer, with an almost tango like rhythm. The floor cleared, and in the middle of the hall, suspended in mid air appeared a hologram of two figures. It was a man and a woman, he was completely shirtless, only in black tight fitting trousers, and she was in an off shoulder blouse with a red orange frilled skirt cut dangerously high at the front and scooping down at the back flailing behind her like a flame. Both were bare footed. They started to dance, striking exaggerated poses like gymnasts at the beginning of a routine, backs arched, arms taut, faces sultry, dusky, eyes locked, hands flourishing, then plunging at each other in a sexually charged display of hip snaking and groin grinding, almost violently passionate latin style dancing. I could feel my breathing speeding up and my head spinning. I looked around the hall to see the reaction of other spectators, who were just looking easily on, smiling pleasantly, clapping their hands joyfully with delight, and I couldn't help but wonder if they were seeing the same dancing hologram as me. I looked at Nic, his eyes were burning, his lips were slightly parted. . And I knew that HE was.
The dancers separated and the crowd clapped in appreciation as the hologram dissolved away.

At that point, a shrill whistle was blown 3 times in quick succession, making me jump, and what looked unbelievably like my old gym teacher shouted "dinner time ladies and gentlemen!" !!!
To be continued.. The best is yet to come...

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the shadow is the greatest teacher for showing us how to come to the light ram dass

Deep but naughty Vixen

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why thank you Soldier Girl, we're just getting warmed up to the good bit..tehe!
I did notice my new name thou hast bestowed upon me, I so love it I do! It seems somehow a fitting title and I'm veryily honoured. Lol. Thank you very kindly. smile.gifwink.gif

the shadow is the greatest teacher for showing us how to come to the light ram dass


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Interesting, funny and cosmic style beautiful, there Lula-Girl!  (Have ya noticed your new NICkname I have dubbed thee?. LOL).


"My heart beat thrice, twice, once...and then no more the moment a passing comet bespoke of your fall from grace".

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Deep but naughty Vixen

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Part 3 continued ...(2nd bit) Nic's arrival.

Before I looked up I heard Nic's voice begin to say "amazing what you can forget to pack when you're in a hurry", in what sounded like a polite, light, but don't question me about it tone.
I had to stop myself from doing a double take when I saw him standing shaking hands with a rather embarrassed group of people, wearing the full tux, but without the shirt..! And as he drew closer, I could see the bow tie wasn't real, but had been painted on! (oh the stuff dreams are made of!).
I had to cover my mouth with my hand to stop me from giggling, when it seemed like everyone else was taking it very seriously and sympathetically, making all the right noises. I totally lost my composure, panicking that I would not be able to act appropriately if Nic approached me. I mean, he was naked underneath that jacket and even from a distance across the hall I could see some of his bare chest. It was awful. I really wanted to escape, but felt pinned into the corner of the hall where I was standing by the table, groups of people gathering around Nic like swarms of bees, the sounds buzzing and my head swimming...
I told myself to focus and breathe. I turned back to my 3d object, hoping maybe I wouldn't be noticed, and I could slip out quietly when the pressure of the crowd moved direction.
My sculpture was turning into a pyramid shape and I was nearly at the top when I heard Nic's gentle voice saying, ''you're standing''. When I turned his eyes were on my legs, and I immediately felt the same safe connection as I had when I met him the previous afternoon. I was wearing a short dress and high heels, his eyes were on my legs and he had a naked chest, but it was ALL OK. It was nothing sexual, it was just human. That was the overwhelming feeling I had. It was about being natural. When we finally looked at each other he was smiling with such a genuine warmth and I could tell he was really happy to see me walking. It was an infectious smile which I returned with a little laugh. He looked like he had just come out of the shower, he had a freshness about him, his hair still damp and his eyes were bright and sparkling. He smelt of sandy beaches and mint, like he had just brushed his teeth. "shirts are so constricting I find" he said in a low ambiguous tone, but his eyes gave a playful gleam and I knew the truth in that moment that his shirtlessness was a deliberate act of defiance against convention on his part. The jacket and trousers were of supreme quality, I could tell they were silk, fitting him beautifully and his whole body screamed elegance and comfort in his own skin. He seemed to just flow in his clothes and I could identify in him the same naturalness and energy in his own being that I was feeling earlier in myself. My hair started to move again, flowing with smiling energy. I felt amazing and filled with life. I could tell Nic noticed it and he smiled. I was just thinking about how I'd like to do some T'ai Chi with him (!) when the music started playing.

-- Edited by lula at 11:53, 2008-03-09

the shadow is the greatest teacher for showing us how to come to the light ram dass

Deep but naughty Vixen

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Part 3...the beginning

I say 'atlast', because I've been longing to finish off this dream, but something has been blocking me..probably the fact that it's even longer than the 1st 2 parts and I'm doing this on a tiny mobile phone non qwerty keypad which has the propensity to delete posts randomly without warning that I have spent ages on... Before I get around to posting them!
With that in mind, I might do this in spurts. But I need to get it out of me, and purge myself of this Nic dream in its entirety, once and for all...
Not that the dream is negative. Just a little overwhelming maybe. smile.gif

In the first part of the dream
I was in a wheelchair, and I met Nic after almost losing my chance, at a sort of conference in his honour. The second part of the dream I was mainly flying (!)it was the second day of the conference, early morning and outdoors, where a hunting party were dressed like Queen Victoria and Sherlock Holmes..

So..finally ..the third part.
The first thing I notice is the sound. Some strange acoustics, half echoey, half blunted, making voices sound dreamy or metallic. I'm in a huge enclosed space again, this time what looks like a traditional sports hall, a bit like the one in my secondary school. There are no windows, the ceiling is really high with glaring white strip lights, the kind of environment I really hate. The floor is highly polished, the kind of material that would squeak if you were wearing trainers, but it was black, and instead of the white markings of a basketball or tennis court, it had strange symbols all over it which I didn't recognise; but I instinctively knew they were some kind of friendly astrological symbols, which made me feel comfortable and slightly intrigued.
Mounted on the walls, instead of the wooden frames with ropes that could swung out on hinges to create various gym apparatus as in my old school, these were giant geometric shapes made of thickened plastic in assorted colours; which knew had something to do with the symbols on the floor, which once opened out completed some kind of cosmological pattern.
The people in the hall I notice as a combination of those at the hunt and the 1st day of the conference. I recognise some faces but don't really connect with anyone. They are all in very smart evening attire.
One woman in a complicated white dress was wearing too much of everything, make up, perfume, hairspray, jewellery; she looked expensive and insecure, and I instinctively moved away from her. Chemical perfumes make me feel like I am suffocating in a wave of nausea, because they are so far removed from nature, a feeling which was being compounded by the totally indoors environment and the strange artificial acoustics.
She gave me a sideways look of disapproval, and continued talking in a loud shrill voice. I remember laughing inwardly at the thought that she looked like she had a flip-top head, her mouth was so wide it went right from one edge of her face to the other.
I then started to focus on me, the object of her sideways glance. Half expecting to feel self conscious and inadequate, I was surprised to find a feeling of total ease, of joy, of inner safety just floating lightly inside me.
I noticed what I was wearing, a very simple dress made of t-shirt material (!) turquoise..which I tried to lucid dream to a different colour, I like turquoise as a colour but don't own a dress in it and I wanted it to be wine red.. I was also amused by the material, it was just like a tshirt, made into a simple dress, slightly fitted, short but not too short, halter neck with no back.
Then I noticed the shoes. High heels!! And STANDING!! Me, standing up, in simple but lovely one strap purple sandals with a high heel!
I think I probably smiled out loud in my dream. i realised in the dream, I was at the point where I could stand and walk a little, but had to pace myself, and for some reason I had chosen this part of the conference to do it!
My hair was very long and down, and it covered my back which otherwise would have been exposed by the backless dress. I felt kind of natural and alive, I was wearing no make up but felt beautiful. Even my hair had this kind of energy as if it was standing a little away off my head and almost throbbing and smiling.
Along the edges of the hall were trestle tables stacked with jumble, books and bric-a-brac, like a jumble sale. I walked straight to a table with the kind of games I used to play as a kid, and soon became absorbed building a 3d object out of simple hexagonal green plastic pieces with slots in each edge.
Then I felt the air change and the volume of the babble in the hall drop. Before I turned and looked up, I heard the shrill voiced lady squeal, ''Nic!''

-- Edited by lula at 22:47, 2008-03-08

-- Edited by lula at 11:50, 2008-03-09

the shadow is the greatest teacher for showing us how to come to the light ram dass
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