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RE: wind talkers

I think i'm in between the two of you I'm not really a lover, although I rarely go out to see war movies....unless they really look good to me (and especially if Nic is in it)


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I love Windtalkers but then I AM a fan of good war movies! Hubby likes this one too! Nicky is wonderful as Sergeant Joe Enders battling his inner demons as well as the enemy! Great strong supporting cast too...Christian Slater, Peter Stormare, Adam Beach and Roger Willie. As war movies go Windtalkers has some of the best battle scenes ever filmed thanks to John Woos great direction and breathtaking locations.


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i do believe this is the nic flick the hubby likes the most......i in general don't like war movies(i'm a lover not a fighter) i do like this one not only does it tell a story that needed to be heard that of the windtalkers, but also the story of a man who defines himself as a soilder and nothing else and is constantly fighting w/ his inner demons from that life



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