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A very special guy!

heart.gifI met Nic on Saturday July 14th 2007 in London when he was here to film scenes for National Treasure: Book Of Secrets.heart.gif

Me and my hubby found out they were filming at St. Paul's cathedral so we got there around 5.45am where the second unit were filming car chase scenes.
We were told by a crew member that Nic and the first unit were filming at Lancaster house in the Mall just near Buckingham Palace so we jumped on a bus and headed to the Mall.
When we got there we got chatting to a crew member who told us Nic would be arriving at around 9am.
About 8.30am two silver Mercedes pulled in to where the trailers were and Nic got out of the first car!
He looked very happy and was smiling but he was so quick I just got a quick glimpse of him. I shouted ''Nic'' but by then he'd gone behind his trailer. I thought this is one and only chance and I've missed him! Anyways...we got chatting to a lovely security guy named Rich and I told him I was a big fan of Nic's and I'd waited six years to meet him. Rich told us where to stand so we could get a glimpse of Nic when he came from his trailer to Lancaster house. We were told that the paparrazzi were being a nuisance the day before and we may not get to meet Nic but I said that was fine...I would be pleased if he just waved to us. While we were waiting we saw Rich chatting to Nicky's security guy Hans and they kept looking over at us. We didn't think anything of it then at around 9.30am Nicky came out of his trailer and walked towards us with Hans and another security guy. My hubby and I were the only fans there and as Nicky walked towards us he waved to me! I waved back and he came striding over to me with his hand held out and said 'Hi I'm pleased to meet you''! I put my hand out and we shook hands and I said ''we've come here today just to see you...I've waited six years to meet you Nicolas!'' He said in his sexy, laid back, Californian drawl ''aw that's great!'' I introduced Nic to my husband and they shook hands and Nic said ''NICe to meet you!''. I told Nic I ran my own Nicolas Cage fan forum Nicky's Vixens and he said ''how are you spelling Nicky?'' and we both said together ''N-I-C-K-Y''! I gently touched his chest with the back of my hand and said ''you should look it up sometime'' and he said in his sexy drawl ''yeah!''. I told him ''I'm Corelli'' and he said ''ah ok!''. Nic noticed my hubby had our camera and he asked my hubby if he'd like to take a photo! I posed for a pic with Nic but my hubby was so nervous it didn't come out but I was so happy to be in Nic's prescence it wasn't a problem! When Nic had to go I held my hand out to him but instead of shaking my hand he held it! As he was leaving he said ''say hi to them all (the Vixens!) for me''and I said I would! I said ''we all love you so much'' and I blew him a kiss and OH MY GOD he blew me a kiss back and said ''I love you too!''. That made up for the photo that didn't come out because anyone can have a photo taken with Nic but not everyone gets a kiss blown by Nic and told ''I love you too! After meeting Nic Rich, the security guy, called us over and he told us he'd had a word with Hans, Nic's bodyguard, and told him I'd waited six years to meet Nic and pointed us out to Hans and, apparently, Hans had had a word with Nic and he'd agreed to come over and meet us! My hubby took another of Nic walking towards me...that's a bit blurred but it's proof I met him. That's me in the bottom righthand corner of the photo holding my hand out to Nic!                                                                                                                    

It was a very special moment meeting Nic and as every fan who's met him knows he's a lovely guy! Not only is he a gentleman and very attentive he's also very handsome and has the most gorgeous blue eyes!


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