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Post Info TOPIC: Can I get a Sneeze sneeze and a cough cough please!

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RE: Can I get a Sneeze sneeze and a cough cough please!

We had the flu over last Christmas and New Year so hopefully we'll escape it this year!

I've just had the sniffles, sinus problems and an ear infection so hopefully this is my
bout of it for this year!biggrinwink



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I guess it is that time of the year, no not the stressful but fun Holiday season even though we are most definatly in that season as well.  I'm talking about the cold and flu season where even if you are the healthiest of the healthy, have an immune system of a greek god or WILL catch something at some point.

My sick card is not normally pulled though.  For some reason I have been lucky with not catching colds or the flu.  Or maybe it is not good luck, maybe its just that my body says "Pfsst colds are for wimps, I do not have time for such small illnesses, I only allow this body to get major types of disasters thanks".  Guess my inner Caption of the immune system went on vaca or something.  Because I now am enjoying (NOT) a nasty sinus cold coupled up with a chest cold.  Fun right?

So instead of relaxing at the end of the week and looking forward to the Blue October concert I was supposed to go see in Austin tonight, I am taking a sick day from work and sitting here still in my pink flannel PJ bottoms that sport owls, stars and moons (maybe a subtle sleep message here?) and a white T-shirt.  While the outfit is very comfortable, the sniveling, sneezing, coughing and pain in my sinuses make even the most basic of tasks, such as making coffee seem like a job for Superwoman and her posse.  And lets not forget the constant blowing of the nose that makes Rudolph the red nosed reindeer jealous.

So if you are one of the few folks who have yet to pay your seasonal sick dues, know your time is a coming.  Happy Holidays!

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