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RE: Review of Knowing

I don't agree with having far as I'm concerned a critic is just an a***hole
with an opinion...usually a negative opinion! Lol.biggrinwink



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InterestinghmmI agree on some of it, it is a lengthy film and I must admit, people do find it a bit slow at the begining, but isn't that always the case with films that are quite long in length??, They save the best till the middle and last of the film,

I enjoyed it alot, and found it a great entertaining movie, it would be a boring world if everyone liked the same things, so I can't really see why they give it a low rating, just some critics don't have


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Here's a review of Knowing from The Honolulu Film Examiner.biggrinwink

"Knowing" is interesting and unexpected.

April 20, 11:13 PM Add a Comment

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Knowing movie poster

Rating 3 out of 5.

While catastrophe films are nothing new, it seems like 2009 is going to have a fair amount of catastrophe films. Knowing is the first offering and while it has been our for awhile, there has not been a lot of talk about it.

Knowing involves John Koestler (played by Nicolas Cage) who is a widowed single parent that also teaches at MIT. John's son Caleb, has a ceremony where they unearth a time capsule which was buried 50 years ago by another class.

Each student was given a picture from a former student, the picture was a prediction of what the future was going to be like. Caleb's picture is filled with numbers and John soon realizes that there is a code that predicts every major catastrophe in the world and there are some that are about to come true.

Nicolas Cage seems to be in this sci-fi mode right now, while I do not really care for him as an actor, I must admit that he was good in this film. But the real reason why people want to see this film is for some scares and to see death and destruction. In these regards the film delivers.

Knowing is filled with jumps and scares that most audience members will enjoy. I also have never seen a film so graphically display destruction on this level before and it was very good. While things look good on the surface I cannot explain why I gave it a lower rating without revealing spoilers.

One of the elements that I can say ruined the film for me was the editing. The pace was slow and very drawn out at times. On one hand the film is worth it, but on the other in my opinion it isn't, thus the "3" meaning it is an average film. I suppose it is a film that you'll have to see and decide for yourself.


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