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RE: Roses are red Challenge

Thanks for the challenge Rosemary smile.gif You've caught me on a weird day my brain feels sticky and my heart feels quite dark, but this is what comes up for me today!
Some Nic related some not.

Violets are blue and roses are red
I'm moonstruck so tell me to get in your bed

My heart is hot red
Your eyes aqua blue
Forget about violets
I only want you

I am dark red
And you are dark blue
When we come together
It's a deep purple stew (substitute the 't' for 'cr' if you like)

The roses are red
But my heart is blue
The flowers were dead
On the day I lost you

Roses are all colours
Violets are not blue
I'm kaleidoscopic rainbows
When I think of you

the shadow is the greatest teacher for showing us how to come to the light ram dass

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Ok who's up for a Challenge with the all time classic "Roses are red; Violets are blue..."? This time it's themed so your poems have to be about love. Be it dating, marraige, broken hearted or (if you must) sex! For those of you who like the Nic side of life, you can work Mr Cage in there somewhere as well.

Here are some samples that I came up with (And you can tell from this that I was extremely bored at work today biggrin):

Roses are red
Violets are blue
The Male Species
They just don't have a clue!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Judge him by the size of his heart
And not by the size of his shoe

Roses are red
Violets are blue
The Florist on Valentine's Day
Is the world's biggest queue

Roses are red
Violets are blue
In heaven, there are angels;
On earth, there's you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
We married in a hot-air-balloon
Because she wanted the view!

If you need help rhyming with blue, try looking up a rhyme dictionary. I didn't have one so I had to use my imagination, but I know they exist because I've seen them around at the library. I'm not sure if they have online versions. Worth googling and seeing if they exist. Or you could try using partial rhymes like "moon" and "spoon". 

Otherwise Please do enjoy yourselves. Hope you guys have a lot of fun with this one. aww

-- Edited by Rosemary at 07:22, 2008-02-24

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