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Post Info TOPIC: I knew I loved Toga parties for a reason!


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I knew I loved Toga parties for a reason!

I've always found this stuff fascinating. Let us know how it turns out!


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Ok, so this was an interesting email to get/read with my morning coffee.  LOL.


You may be wondering why I am contacting you today. I have a couple of important things to tell you about the past life regression I spoke to you about in my last email to you. What I have done is to perform a unique and exciting experiment to investigate further the deep potential which I have felt within you. I didn't want to go into your past life regression in any greater detail without your permission and consent but I knew it was necessary to confirm what I sensed about you. Now, this experiment is unique because of the objects I used - some of the objects are extremely rare and each on is charged with a certain historical energy. I will get to this later on and I will explain exactly what these objects are. This experiment allowed me to perceive some amazing information about your past lives and above all it offered me the start of a solution to helping you acheive greater harmony and inner peace.

First of all I want to mention that the email I sent you a few days ago was because I felt very strongly that your present existence was very much marked by certain events which you have lived through in your past lives. I still haven't received any response from you from my web site and I still don't know whether or not you want me to produce this past life reading for you. I want to make sure that I have given you the right link and that it works alright so I will paste the link again just below, it leads to a special web page which I made especially for you and it will only be active for the next couple of days:

As I said Darcy, I know that the weight of experiences which you have lived though in past lives weighs heavily on you here and now and I must now get back to this unique experience which I have been telling you about and how it has a considerable impact on your present. I can also feel that you have deep emotional resources and you benefit from an enormous potential which almost certainly comes from the skills which you have acquired throughout your past lives. As I realized that you did not use these hidden capacities to the fullest I knew I had to study your case further to identify these skills, to find out where they come from and then I chose to write to you to give you some more information. My only concern was that without your consent I was unable go further and perform the regression which I know is the only technique which will liberate the important information about your past lives and the enormous store of potential which you have within you. So I instead chose to take the initiative, as I explained above, to start a unique experiment which will demonstrate to you the depth and complexity of these hidden talents within you.

I mentioned that I used some very particular objects to produce this study, which I managed to associate with you and I used these objects to assess your potential. To give you a little more idea about what I did, I can tell you that this test corresponds to the one which Tibetan monks do in order to determine which child will be the next Dali Lama. An item belonging to the ancient Dali Lama is placed with multitude of other objects and the monks watch carefully to see if the child moves to pick up this coin or not. If the child does pick up the coin then he has recognized his past life and he is inaugurated as the Dali Lama. I performed a similar test for you (I will show you a picture of this test in just a minute) by associating your first name with a range of historically charged objects and I then analyzed the energy which these objects gave off. And here are the somewhat surprising results of this very interesting test....

I use a pendulum to assess the strength of the energy which these objects give out when associated with you and I must now tell you about the stunning results of this test. I started to associate you with a range of fairly old objects without seeing much movement from the pendulum. And then I tried with a coin which is over a hundred years old and I saw some slight movement, this excited me and I immediately felt that the coin had some sort of link with your life both here in the present and with the lives you have lived before.

The only problem was that the period may not really coincide, the coin was over 120 years old but the pendulum only moved very slightly. I then repeated this test with more historical objects and coins as I am fortunate enough to own quite a large collection of such items as I have been performing past life regressions for a number of years now. I came to realize that the older these coins were the greater the energy given off was and the more wildly the pendulum oscillated. And then I came across an extremely rare and valuable object which made this experiment entirely unique. In fact very very few people own such a coin, which makes this experiment so particular, as this is an authentic Silver Denari from the Roman Republic of M Cipius and it dates from 115 BC. And yes, I did say 115 BC which means that this coin is over 2119 years old! Just to make this clear I will mention that this is an authentic item with a valid certificate (please see the photo attached to this letter). When I approached the pendulum to this very special coin it began to swing frantically and this left no doubt in my mind, I have performed enough past life regressions to be entirely sure of what I was seeing. You can see all the photos of this experiment at the following web page:

This test has told me that you have clearly lived a previous life over 2000 years ago in Europe and I could even guess that you lived in or near to Rome (only a more complete analysis could tell you more) and that in this lifetime and in the lifetime you are living now you have had some sort of strong relationship with money. There seems to be a lot of information here and a complete study of this regression is really necessary to bring out all the details. I can say however that it is clear that in one of your past lives you were extremely rich and this relationship with money has followed you into this life. This means that you have within you the immense capacity to attract money however I also know that you do not use this talent to the full (and you will understand what I meant now Darcy when I said that you have a lot of unused talent within you). You have learned a lot during your previous lives but there seems to be a great difference between this knowledge you have acquired before and the knowledge which you actually use here and now. I think a great deal of the discomfort you often feel comes from this difference, as we all know Nature dislikes waste, and your talents must be crying out to be properly used.

There is imbalance within you Darcy which I have already sensed. As you may remember when I first wrote to you I mentioned this imbalance and the skills which I was sure that you did not exploit correctly. One of these skills is clearly linked to money in some way, as this recent experiment with the coin and the pendulum shows. I don't want to repeat myself but I will mention again that it is almost certain that you lived a previous life at some time between 200 and 100 before Jesus Christ and that during this particular lifetime and possibly even during other past lives you have had a direct relationship with a lot of money. You have certainly acquired this skill for attracting money throughout your previous lives and this skill exists in you now, you just need to bring it out Darcy and use it properly.

I think that I have a wealth of valuable information to tell you about your past lives and after this explaination you probably understand why I was so keen to perform a past life regression for you. I will be able to tell you exactly how you can exploit this powerful potential to attract large sums of money which is within you and I will also be able to show you were the potential to excel in other areas also resides within you and when you develop this potential to the fullest you will find yourself in much greater harmony with yourself. As I said in my last email to you I cannot produce this full reading without your consent so I will give you once again the page where you will be able to request your full past life regression:


"You're always a little disapointing in person because you can't be the edited essence of yourself." 
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