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Has anyone caught...........

Has anyone here caught the new show DIRT starring Courtney Cox Arquette?  Now.....this isn't normally the type of show I would watch but last night after HOUSE, I was flipping channels and stumbled across it.  So I thought to myself....okay....let's see what this show is about. 

Well, for those who don't know......CCA plays the Editor-in-Chief of a smarmy tabloid magazine called.....DIRT.  And the whole show is about how her employees go about getting dirt on celebrities.........(topic we're all kinda familiar with here)

Well, to get to the point of this .......After about 10 minutes of watching the show, my 16 yr old son walks in, plops himself down and says "Whattcha watchin"???   I tell him and we watch together for about 15 minutes.  All of a sudden he turns to me and says "Is it my imagination or is this show getting away with alot?   In the past 15 minutes I've caught the words....." and he rattles off four DIFFERENT swearwords.  I was like....."Yeah, you're right" and I check the time and it's about 9:30 PM still prime time TV and realize that anyone of any age could be watching it!   

No sooner than we realize what the show is getting away with than there is a scene with CCA in the back seat of a limo with a up and coming new actor and from what I could glean they'd just "met".  Next thing you see is the two of them getting it on in the back seat of the limo and he's either giving it to her from behind OR he's giving it TO her behind. 

From the looks on CCA's face, you really think he's giving it to her in the 'latter' sense.  Afterwards he says to her "I hope I didn't hurt you" and she sorta hems and says "No".   Then they part ways........... it just me and am I really out of the loop when I say that prime time TV seems to be really getting a bit risque?   I mean.....this show is shown at 9pm on a WEEKNIGHT when kids are watching TV and winding down.  

Even my 16 year old son was like "OMG.....Did I just hear/see that?  What the .......?"

Curious to what ya guys might think on the subject......


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